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Need help identifying new pet!

I'm American but currently stationed in Germany.

I just bought a bird yesterday, and I need help identifying him. The place I bought him from had him listed as simply "Gross Sittiche" (German for Big Parrot) I didn't realize that's what it meant and thought it was the species. Brought him home and realized that of course, nothing is listed as just that. He is appx 11 inches in length. Bright green breast and head (almost yellow!) with a vibrant colored orange beak (top and bottom). the feathers on his wings are a dark shade of green, black, yellow, and red. His tailfeathers are immaculate, over half of his total size. They are black, with a little bit of light blue mixed in.

I was at first thinking he's an Eclectus but I have been able to find none in my research with such long tailfeathers, nor this bright shade of green. Any suggestions?

I would add a picture but my daughter (4 years old) has apparently misplaced my camera. ugh!

Thanks for any and all help!
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