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Company for a lone bird

I've been thinking a lot about this recently and was wondering what experiences people have had?

At the moment I'm working more or less full time. I get up early enough to spend a couple of hours with Alice before work, and once I'm home she can be out and about all evening, so she gets lots of time with me, but it's still heartbreaking to be trying to leave for work and see her clinging to the bars calling for me. She has a huge cage and dozens of toys which get changed out regularly, and to be fair if I unexpectedly go back into the flat ten minutes later she's far more likely to be sat next to a toy than still clinging to the bars. The tv is left on - even if I'm home she prefers the tv or music to be on. Still I keep thinking if there's more I could be doing to make her day easier.

So, the remaining option seems to be some sort of company for her. I don't really want another large parrot that would be dependent on me for quality of life: I appreciate the problems that can occur introducing a second bird and honestly as a companion bird Alice is all I need. But I wonder whether a pair of smaller birds that would have each other for company but provide a bit of chatter - and make Alice feel like part of a flock even if her preferred person isn't about all the time - might be something that would improve things for her.

I'm thinking smaller birds, not bigger than cockatiel size, as space is not unlimited and I'd want them to be in a generous cage for the size of bird, particularly if there are two in the same cage.

So, anyone able to relay experiences, potential problems etc? Any way this could backfire?
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