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Re: Company for a lone bird

Hi Jay ~ I do think another parrot type of bird, whether a parakeet or a cockatiel, etc., would actually require more of your time because you'd have to give that bird, because of their intelligence and requirements, 'me time' the same way you do the bird you currently have. Perhaps what theKarens said is a good choice for you - finches are very nice birds, don't require the same type of commitment that a parrot species does, don't require big cages, etc., and something like Zebra Finches are quite cheap and wouldn't be a big investment and might just give your parrot enough interaction and company to help solve your problem. I like finches a lot, the only danger here is that you could be bit by the finch bug and start breeding and there are some VERY fancy finches that cost an arm and a leg lol
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