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Re: Company for a lone bird

Personally I like to have a Sun Conure or a Hahn Macaw in addition to my wonderful Lily. But I can't do that to my Lily. When Lily is on my shoulder, no other object can be near my head. When I comb my hair in the morning, she attacks the comb. When use the towel to dry my face, she attacks the towel. Same thing with toothbrush and dinning silverware. If I pay attention to the guinea pig, which has been with me for 2 years before Lily, she will fly down into the guinea pig pen and attack. Lily sticks to me like glue for 2 hours in the morning before I have to leave for work. She stays home inside her daytime cage with my wife who is always at home. Some times she gets to come out if my wife is not too busy with house work and taking care of the kids. My wife cannot do house work with Lily beeing out. She sticks to my wife like glue, too, if I am not there. When I come home at 6pm, she sticks to me for another 2 hours before she goes to sleep. As you can see, if you have such a jealous parrot, don't even bother thinking of adding another.

However, I have a large 6' tall 4'x8' outdoor aviary where keep Gouldian, Star, and Owl finches. Lily just ignore them when she is outside a few hours a day in her cage to get sunlight near the finches. She has more fun stairing at the sky ... scanning for hawks and crows I think. She got chased by a pair of hawks in the open sky once and got lucky to still be alive today.
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