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Re: Company for a lone bird

Appreciate the responses so far. Some points to clarify:

I'm in work 7 hours, plus an hour travel. The original plan was for her to come in with me at least some days, but as I've had to overcome a lot of trust and fear issues with her, it's just not been on the cards. For the first two months she wouldn't even leave the room her cage was in! I'm going to start taking her out in the new year, but it's going to have to be handled in very small steps - throwing her into a busy environment that she can't escape for 7 hours is just going to terrify her. So as a long term solution, it's possible but not immediate.

She gets on average six hours with me a day - she doesn't start to slow down until approaching 10 in the evening so we have a long evening together. She's not caged in the evening, and although she won't get my undivided attention every second she's always able to be near me if she wants. This is in contrast to the shop she spent the previous six months in, where she was in an 18" square cage 24 hours a day and living off seeds. So her quality of life is much, much better than it was. She was an emotional wreck when I got her, and she's a totally different bird now, full of enthusiasm and affection. Birdman, you're right, I do feel guilty that she wants me to stay home with her and I can't, but I've done a lot to improve her life and this is not a question of getting another bird so I don't have to put the effort in. I'm looking at options to improve thing further.
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