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Re: Oh my goodness! Gifts at the door!!

Quote: Originally Posted by GinaF View Post
I sent them
In fact, the card that was supposed to go in the box is sitting on my desk. Oops!

The foraging ball is modified. It came as just a plain ball but I added the chain and a fun bell to it. My birds LOVE this thing! And since it won their seal of approval, I figured Kenji needed one too!

I bought the bottle cap toy and the nutriberries from a local store.
The rest I made for you

You can restring the wiffle ball once it's been dismantled. Just wrap the wood chunks in paper. If you need more supplies for this, let me know. I have TONS!

Glad you liked it
LOL, did you remember the moment it was sent off That the letter was left behind haha

Wow! That's incredible that you made some of these toys, they look so perfect! I love that you added a chain to the foraging ball, I probably would have if it didn't come with one

You're so talented Gina, my homemade toys look terrible compared to yours hahaha

I am unable to thank you enough
Fly on
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