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Re: Getting a cockatiel to eat new food?

My tiel does similar things. This is her vast list of food - Broccoli, corn, peas and green beans. If I'm lucky she will eat a little bit of carrot too. She was bought up on seed so changing here to pellets and F&V has been very difficult.

How big is the food that you are offering? Buddy is scared of anything bigger than her beak, so it all needs to be cut up real small.

In past visits to the vet, their eyes almost pop out when they hear that i have gotten her to eat some fresh food. Apparently its pretty common for tiels not to eat F&V - usually because they are bought up on dry food diets. Try corn (just kernels to start - then off the cob) as this seams to be a favourite. Keep trying, they are VERY picky eaters. At least your sisters bird is getting good nutrients from the pellets (maybe try sprinkling pellets over the fresh food).

Also, look in the recipes section on this forum, there are some very ingenious ways that people have discovered to get fussy birds to eat new foods.

Oh, forgot to add that they are generally more likely to eat veggies than fruit (no idea why), so start with veg and work your way up to fruit. If you are serving things like carrot, peas and beans - try softening them first by cooking them or I just boil the kettle and let them soak in a mug of boiling water for about 3-5 minutes to soften them (especially if they have been frozen) - let them cool a bit, then serve.
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