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Re: Choosing a parrot

First of all, welcome Your English is much better than some native speakers LOL! Don't worry here, it's just fine.

That was very responsible of you to do all the research, and then determined that a certain species (B&G) wasn't right for you now, even though you really wanted it. Not only is a Macaw more demanding and loud, but they are very headstrong and very much a challenge after mature. You will usually hear only the good things about Macaw personality, but after maturity you really need to know how to train and handle one. Some people do get a Macaw as a first bird, but they will tell you it's hard and they get a "crash course" in learning! Same with mature Amazons.

Now, onto your many great choices! I am not sure how available certain species are in your country, but I know Senegals are popular worldwide, and they make excellent pets. If socialized to be used to it when young, Senegals and other birds in the Poicephalus family can be very hands on. Smart, funny, 'hands on', can learn to talk and imitate many sounds, not very loud, completely adorable, as well as being very independent when they need to be. I think that sounds like what you're looking for? They can have a very strong bite for their size, and typically the males will be a bit more aggressive and nippy than the females, especially when hormonal. I'm sure you're aware you'll get bitten by ANY bird that you get eventually though The other Poicephalus parrots (besides Senegals) that are commonly seen are Meyers, Red bellied, Jardines, etc. but again, depends on what country you're in whether they're available or not.
So... My vote would be for a Senegal or any of it's family member species (Poicephalus parrots). Plus there are many people on this forum who have them and can give great insight. Good luck whatever you end up deciding on!

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