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Re: Choosing a parrot

I am from the Czech Republic. When I started my research, I very quickly found out that apparently we are the nation of parrot breeders. Almost anything is available here J However, I would like to ask you to provide me with latin names of the birds because the translation doesn’t always work and it is difficult to find Czech translation of names of some not so common species.

Yea, Senegal seems to be a great bird and based on the gathered information, it really has a personality I could live with. There is only one problem. This bird is usually kept alone, because, according to the information I read, when it bonds to one person, it starts to become aggressive even to other bird of the same species. That wouldn’t be a problem, but I have encountered many advices to purchase two birds instead of one, so they can provide company to each other when I am out of home. I am not sure purchasing two Senegals would do me any good J
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