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Re: Choosing a parrot

Oh, yes I've heard that about Europe. I think the Netherlands are especially known for aviculture.

Here are the scientific names for you to look up. All the "poi" species have the genus name 'Poicephalus'. These below are ones you usually see, and would be a good size for you:
Poicphalus senegalus - Senegal
Poicephalus meyeri - Meyer's parrot
Poicephalus rufiventris - Red Bellied parrot
Poicephalus cryptoxanthus - Brown Headed parrot
Poicephalus gulielmi - Jardine's parrot

* The inclination for them to be "one person birds" is mainly in how they're socialized growing up, but with some individuals it can change. Proof? Robin my 19 year old Red Bellied who I've had all his life WAS a one person bird until one day when he was in his teens, he met my husband and for the first time became a "two person bird"
When you hear about 'one person bird' with certain species, a lot of times it is a generalization which can vary between individuals. ANY parrot species who is capable of bonding with a human can become a one person bird. Most parrots by nature are pair bonders. Socialize them early against it and you'll have better chances of it being more social.

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