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Re: Getting a cockatiel to eat new food?

My tiels only eat fruit regularly during breeding season but they do eat veggies and greens all year round (they actually love fresh leafy greens). The trick is to give them small veggies or chop them very small and mix them with cooked whole grains (which they love!). Try corn, diced cooked carrots and/or beets, baby peas and chopped french green beans mixed with cooked brown rice, barley, wheat, and whatever other grain you can find in your supermarket (mine has quinoa and millet, also). You can also add a bit of tomato paste and/or mashed sweet potato to the cooked grains (they will coat them and the bird will be eating veggies without knowing it). But, most of all, it's patience and persistence that do the trick because, sometimes, it actually takes years to get a bird on a good diet after been a seed-junkie.
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