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I currently have a B&G Macaw, a Harliquin Macaw, a Goffins cockatoo, a sulphur crested cockatoo, a scrappy head, and 2 Congo African Greys
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What's Good Timing to bring rescue Macaw into home

We have a B&G who has layed 2 eggs and is tending them. I know to let her sit on it for 30 days and then take it away. We are about to rehome a harlequin macaw any day now. The 2 macaw cages are close to each other along with 3 other birds and cages. I'm wondering what the best timing will be to introduce the new bird to the home. Should we wait for the B&G to be done with the egg and bring her in later, or is it alright to bring the Harlequin in while this is going on? Both macaws are female and are 12 and 13 years old respectively.
We have the luxury to wait if we should. Any thoughts????
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