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I currently have a B&G Macaw, a Harliquin Macaw, a Goffins cockatoo, a sulphur crested cockatoo, a scrappy head, and 2 Congo African Greys
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Re: What's Good Timing to bring rescue Macaw into home

Marge (on the egg) doesn't have to be moved. I attached a pic of our cage setup for now. You can see the dark outline of Marge on the bottom of the large cage on the left. The new macaw will go in the cage next to her on the right. The cockatoo is in the cage 2nd from right, and the grey in the smaller far right cage. All is in place just waiting for the arrival of the macaw. I'm inclined to wait until the egg disappears also, but welcome anymore input. In the spring We are going to push the french doors wall back 8 feet to double the size of the room and put a glass door and window wall to enter. We'll be using trees and getting rid of the cages. Basically we will have an enclosed aviary with wash down floor.
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