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Re: Getting a cockatiel to eat new food?

Quote: Originally Posted by apatrimo94 View Post
wow, thanks for telling me Birdamor. I now need to be a little careful. And for your recipe, try adding jalapenos because birds only have about 200 tastes buds whereas we have 10,000+. So birds don't taste much like we do. The spicyness of jalapeno gives that punching taste a bird might want and the result, your bird will love the cornbread
You are 100% right about the taste buds and parrots loving spicy food. I use fresh chopped jalapenos, habaneros and chiles as well as chili powder (and this is, by far, their very favorite!), crushed peppers, hot paprika and white and black pepper all the time in their soft food. But not in the muffins or bread because the dogs get to eat the muffins and I the bread and none of us like spicy food -LOL
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