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please help I am lost as what to do.

I bought a young african grey 5 weeks ago (15 weeks old) after a week I was able to handle him out of his cage & he was a real pleasure having lots of cuddles & sitting with me playing. Last week I had him out of the cage & straightaway he drops his wings & pants as if he is excited & flaps his wings hard without flying he then nips & bites very hard drawing blood. I have followed advice by not reacting looking at him stern & returning him to his cage for timeouts all to no avail. I rang & spoke to the breeder he came from who explained this was normal bonding behaviour & he is asking to be fed & with me not reacting he will dispaly the above behaviour. I have since tried several times having little bits of fruit available etc as soon as he come out, he is not interested however & continues HELP!
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