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Tiny the cockatiel

Hi everyone,
This is my new cockatiel, Tiny. She weighs about 56 grams and is the size of a budgie. No, I do not collect tiny cockatiels it just so happened that this bird needed my help and her previous owners could not provide it.
She is five months old but looks like a baby and her feathers have not developed properly, so she has never flown. She has a tiny stump for tail feathers.
She has been to the vet and he said her heart and lungs are strong and healthy and she is well hydrated. She is in the vet today to get tests run to make sure there are no other illnesses. The vet said her feet are a little red and the poops a bit gritty
She's so cute and happy and playful however I've got my fingers crossed today that when I pick her up all is good news! I'm feeling really nervous. I have only had her for a week and she is being kept in a quarantine cage.
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