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Help! Underweight cockatiel baby

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and I need help with my baby cockatiel, already named her Angel.

I had to remove Angel from her/him nest 12 days ago, as her father died, my handsome Lutino "Big Boy" and the greatest father. Her mother did stay for a little while until the other male cockatiels hanging around decided they wanted to be her new mate and had attacked Angel and bit her face. Just to let you know I have a large aviary it is 12x16x18 feet. I have had my aviary for 5 years and have 24 cockatiels and have never had this problem. They have been successfully breeding, once a year with no problems.

I took the nest box and the mother and put them in a separate cage and I left her alone with Angel. I did keep checking on Angel as I didn't think she would survive with her wound but if there was a chance her mother would feed her. Well I left for about 5 hours and her mother had no interest, so I took angel in and started hand feeding her. Angel was 3 days old. Well Angel survived all that and I am still hand feeding her.

My problem is last week friday I was getting real low on the Kaytee exact and went to the 4 pets stores here in the Cayman Islands and nobody has any baby food in stock. I asked the pet store who also breed birds what should I feed her one and they told me they have been using Zupreem fruit blend and mixing it with hot water until a pudding and giving it to theirs. Since that Angel has not been putting on the weight. She is 14 days old and this mornings weight was 31g and I just think she is so small. Her feathers are starting to come through and she is very alert and excited when it is feeding time.

Does anybody know what else I could try her on to increase her weight? I feed her 5 times a day until her crop is full and leave her to sleep from 12am to 7 am.

I am growing very attached to her being that I am watching her grow and I have never handraised a cockatiel baby let alone any baby at this age. I have parakeets and lovebirds also, which I have handfed the lovebirds when there has been problems and been successful with that. And if a baby parakeet has problems I have two surrogate parakeet mothers who gladly take them in. Very lucky!

Please help me find something better for my Angel to eat. Thank you.
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