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I have Zon fever bad !

I don't know whats gotten into me [I think its all the shelter zons ] .I really love my bluefrnt and was looking for a different species and maybe a girl this time. I wasn't sure how I was going to go . Maybe a baby or a rehome or retired breeder. I was really liking yellow napes . As I called some on craigslist . I was sure that was the way to go . Everyone I called was they didn't have time for ,and was kept in the cage [most didn't feed them more than seed diets ] .So their was my answer!!!. I knew these birds would be happier with me.Half the birds ive gotten are rehomes . When I go to see them of course they don't love me. But when I get them home they always "choose " someone . As long as I can get them out of their house [I just enjoy them]..So at first I was talking to this guy who had a 10 year old nape for a 1000. I talked him down but didn't return my calls forever. So I saw this double yellow head that was female and 10 . The girl had a 2 yr old and went back to work . The bird was becoming jealous of the baby . She was not let out . I thought heres my bird . I went Thursday 2 hrs away to get her . What a love [I thought she would be a mad bird ] I can pet her and shes hung out on my arm . Has been fed crap food [but things will change now ]. You should hear her talk . Such a joy . I feel she was meant to be Lexi ,the double yellow head girl
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