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Re: Vicious attack on Ziggy, pearl cockatiel

Quote: Originally Posted by strudel View Post
Crikey, bad planetary aspects, or what? Is it mating season or something that is causing the "aggro"?
Funny you should mention that, Strudel. My wife mentioned Ayu (the eccy hen) had been quite aggressive over the past few days. Today, She and Alexei were "at it" for the first time I've seen. She spends a lot of time in the nesting box, it was Ariel's bad luck to have his foot available when Ayu was feeling aggressive. Alex, our tame eccy boy, had to be put back in his cage and didn't have his usual "time out" tonight as Ariel is devoted to him and would get really upset if separated- and we have been trying desperately to keep him quiet and still in the hope the bleeding would stop (we'd tried cornflower, then spray bandage).

As it's a public holiday today, vet's was closed but I did eventually get onto the one still in town, so will take Ariel to see her tomorrow.

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