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Alex- Eclectus, Ariel- whiteface, Junior- pied, Custard-lutino, Ziggy- pearl cockatiels, Kermit- Princess parrot, Jade- Plumhead parrot, George- budgie, Coco- Rainbow lorikeet, Corey-Little Corella.
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Re: Vicious attack on Ziggy, pearl cockatiel

Both birds making good progress. Ariel was let out for his first fly last evening since he lost his claw. He was distressed on previous days when we let Alex the eccy out, but we didn't want to risk having his foot start bleeding. Ziggy is also getting back to normal although still has trouble standing, one leg rather worse than the other. She is let out only with the other three 'tiels (apart from Ariel, who doesn't know he's a 'tiel, so he's part of the "eccy flight shift" ). The plumhead who attacked Ziggy, now gets out later with the Princess and the budgy, and it (she?) spends much of its time sitting outside Ziggy's cage calling loudly. Needless to say, we make sure all openings to Ziggy's cage are well secured. I do wonder if we need to secure all the small birds' cages since the plumhead could get it into its head to attack any of them
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