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Re: First time Eckie owner, need advice.

Yes I agree the beak looks a little long. It can be diet related but also not having appropriate stuff to chew. Eclectus need toys made of softer woods if you give them something thats geared more toward amazons they just don't tear into it as well.
Also you should have at least one cement type perch, hung higher in the cage that he will rub his beak on. I would never suggest pliers ouch!!
If you check out the food section of the forum I just posted an example of what I use to make chop for my ekkies. It's under "Have some chop!!" about 4 post down from the top.

Are you home most of the day? The reason I ask is I do take out the Volkman's seed and TOP's pellets in the morning to give them the morning fresh foods, then they get another helping of soft fresh foods later in the afternoon. The seed and pellets go back into the cage around the dinner time 6 pm or so and stay in until the morning when it starts all over. If I wasn't home with them all day I probably wouldn't completely remove the dry stuff but leave much smaller portions along with the soft foods, the reason being is eclectus can pack away the food. I really don't know where mine put it all but for their size they really do eat an amazing amount of food each day.
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