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Re: First time Eckie owner, need advice.

What a pretty boy you have there!

Also just throwing ideas out there for picky eaters... Sweet potato mashed (warm) & mixed with fresh fruits and veggies seems to really help get them interested in the "fresh food" idea. Plus with the mash foods stick together so they try a bit of everything.

Also cutting food into small pieces works well too if it's too big they tend to eat around them, or toss them out. That's been my personal experience ha ha!

Chop is a great idea I just did my first batch recently and it's portioned out frozen with about 2 months worth. I also use Volkmans soak and simmer served with the chop. Toss is pomegranate arils and various berries. Stir up and berries and everything's is thoroughly coated in chop

I just got a new cage and I wish I could just give my old one to a good home! If you're close just come get it!

Here is a picture from about 2 years ago of sweet potato mash with various fresh foods mixed in. This is how I started my Howie when I got him at around 4-5 months old. He will eat anything now

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