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Re: First time Eckie owner, need advice.

Craigslist was actually one of the first places I went in searching for a bigger cage. Unfortunately, all I found in my area were smaller ones more suited for a smaller parrot or a parakeet. I'm going to keep trying, though. He's fine where he is for now, getting him to the avian vet and getting a good source to order proper ekkie seed is currently a higher priority. His cage right now isn't much smaller than the dimensions of the one I linked, though it's legitimately one of the heaviest things I've ever carried and isn't on wheels. I wish I was close enough to look at your old cage, but it'd be quite the trip for me!

Thank you for the link for safe wood! I'm definitely sure I can make use of that, and the perches shown being made in the page linked on it weren't any different than the ones I purchased yesterday, so they shouldn't be hard to make. For once, I'm happy I live in a pretty heavily forested area.

I was told by Max's former owner that he didn't show much interest in toys, but considering that much of everything else he told me wasn't viable at all...yeah. I don't have a reliable bird-centric store nearby, but I've found that some of the pet stores in my area do sell toys that are claimed to be dyed with bird-safe dyes, plus there's always the internet.

He showed a bit more interest in the fresh food last night, enough to make three trips to the bowl, beak through it several times, and try to bite me when he thought I was taking the bowl away. He had romaine lettuce, bell peppers (green, red, and yellow), two grapes, plum, tomato, cucumber, and a little cooked white rice (since I currently don't have brown...more for the shopping list!). Sweet potato mash is a great idea, I'll need to get some sweet potatoes and try that. I also thought of warming frozen veggies to mix with fresh veggies and cooked brown rice, which would give him an even greater variety of goodies than I'd be able to reliably get fresh. I've read the warnings regarding certain foods, but I haven't seen anything directly forbidding frozen, so would it be OK to do?
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