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Re: First time Eckie owner, need advice.

I do give mine tomatoes but in very limited amounts. One thing I am a stickler on is if I give mine fresh or frozen corn it is always organic. Corn is almost all gmo now unless it is organic. Also I think it is important to pay attention to the heavily sprayed food such as berries and peppers and feed those only in organic.

That cage is not really wide enough imo unless he is going to spend most of the day out of it which is great if you can. My cages are not huge 30 wide which is not big but they are out almost the whole day. The room they are in is set up for them to fly around, there are boings and hoops from the ceiling plus huge java trees. If they want to go into the cage to eat or drink the doors are open. They often will poke around in someone elses cage rather than their own, nosey little buggers!

I don't know if you have been to "The Land Of Vos" website but there is a wealth of ekkie information there.
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