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Re: Letter to Mother-In-Law : too harsh?

She was the one who told me she had menopause and wouldn't stop talking about it and i sympathise/d with her, which is why i didn't tell her off over the phone for what she said regarding our son. (she was rather rude about it and was trying to guilt trip me into naming him something SHE wanted to name him.) i think im also angry with her for how shes treating her daughter (who is also my best friend). Her father/her mums ex died in an accident overseas recently and long story short, he did bad things when he was young but started trying very hard to be a good Dad a few years back) so my SIL is obviously traumatised.. And her mum my MIL keeps swearing at her and telling her how horrible she is and disrespectful to be posting things on fb like "I wish my Dad was here..".. My MIL has been horrifically nasty to my SIL lately... I think ive just had enough of tolerating her.

His nickname is Chad (suasua is short for another name i like, just not sharing real names on the net) troubles aren't fun..
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