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Re: Juliette's Search for the right parrot

Like Wendy just said, all birds (even within the same species) are individual.

** Keep in mind, while research is GREAT, all the research and asking in the world will only just give you part of the picture. You will NEVER know exactly what it is like to live with a certain species, or certain individual until they are home

Even if a Cockatoo is independent, they are still high maintenance. Even if they don't make noise often, even the smaller Toos (Goffin's) are VERY loud and obnoxious when they do sound off. Had a next door neighbor with one, and man it was loud even inside the house when I was outside.

Frankly, as far as a slightly larger bird without a really loud voice, and without a big tendency to be clingy, your best bet might be Poicephalus or Pionus. Surely there are Pionus species available where you are since they're from South America.
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