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Hi All,

Hope everyone is well. You all seem like a super helpful/supportive bunch. I'm hoping you can give me some words of advice from your experiences?

I just brought home a new 4 month old baby back-headed caique and I have the most nervous stomach that I'm doing everything wrong!

I've been reading all the blogs and professional sites for information on behavior and training, but putting it all into practice has been challenging... especially when it comes to screaming.

I know you're supposed to ignore the screaming because coming up to the bird can be perceived as rewarding it with attention for bad behavior... but I can't tell yet why it's screaming... I don't know it its scared and I should be checking on it or if there is something else I'm missing? I also don't know what the appropriate amount of time is to wait until I go back into the room and stop ignoring him.

He's in our living room which is where we do everything, including eat, so it's been difficult for us to keep walking into the bedroom to show him we're not pleased with his screaming, especially when we're not sure if we should wait 5 minutes or 15 or longer until we go back out!

The other thing I'm curious about is treats. We used treats on the first day to very quickly teach him "step up" but now he looks for a treat every time he steps up (even when we don't give the command) and he nibbles (hard) on our finger tips in search for goodies.... how do we get verbal praise to be enough?

So nervous!!
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