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Exclamation Tent Camping and Conures?

So, my family and I are going tent camping in a nice campsite in California. It's a well established campground, and we are taking tents. Now, my conure hasn't really been in a tent many times, but that's the least of my worries. He's gone many places and is trustful of me, so hikes aren't a concern. My biggest concern is leaving him at home. My parents don't want to take him and they just want to leave him at home! We are leaving mid Friday, and coming back late Sunday. I do NOT feel comfortable leaving him, as I fear he will eat all of his food at once and ruin his water that he likes to bathe in and make birdy soup, making the water undrinkable. We have no one to look after him except an irresponsible neighbor who my parents don't feel comfortable letting in our house because they will probably leave a door unlocked. So what do I do? I have a travel cage that I could take him in and he will be warm... How do I tell my parents I don't feel comfortable leaving him? Please give good points, as my dad is one to debate with! (and my parents don't get birds) HELP!
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