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Re: Tent Camping and Conures?

Quote: Originally Posted by SilverSage View Post
Dear Dad,

My bird is my pet, like a dog - he gets lonely by himself and it is mean to leave him home.
My bird is well trained, he won't make a problem.
What is more "outdoorsy" than a pet bird? Um, nothing! Haha
If we leave the bird at home, he could become sick from poop water, etc, potentially causing us thousands of dollars in vet bills, and perhaps not surviving. He could get somehow injured as he tries to break out of his cage because we are not there.

And most of all - he is my friend, my family member, I love him. I wont have fun on the camping trip if he has to stay at home, I will spend the whole time worrying about him!

Now that all of that is said - what is your plan for keeping your bird safe while camping?
My bird will stay with me the whole time I won't take him out of my site! Also, I will have my own tent. Thanks so much I will try to talk to him!
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