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Re: Nervous New Caique Owner

As Pinkbirdy says, it's prob just baby begging.. My "baby" Skittles is over a year old now and still does it from time to time. It stops when we have one on one "flat birdy time" (holding him close with one hand, he flattens out on my chest and gets head skritches. Sometimes Chica will come and preen his head for him while he's there. Of the four, he's the only one who does this and needs such occasional attention!
Baby begging is more of a grating drawn out "whaaaa" then a loud scream or contact call.

A gentle shake of your finger will minimize the nipping, and in extreme cases, learn to firmly (but gently) hold the head around the ears to reinforce the no BITE policy. Understand though that a nip is REALLY common while playing or when telling you they don't WANT to do something. Work with it and play back by gently grabbing the beak while finger wrestling. It's only really a concern when it draws blood.
Of course if it's hormonally induced all bets are off.. My girl (Chica) is the sweetest bird in the world and wants nothing more than to be loved on whenever she's out and about. When the hormones kick in though, she draws blood and "stalks" me for more. Luckily it's pretty obvious when it happens, her eyes get crazy and she walks around VERY slowly while lifting her legs up very high, watching her target, it's kinda creepy!!

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