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Update on Gina and Quinn

It's been a while. I know some of you have been wondering what the latest is.

Quinn thinks I'm her mate. I tried to explain that I just don't swing that way with this inter-species breeding thing but she doesn't really care. She tries to puke on me and every chance she has she's attempting to stick her tongue in my mouth. Seriously?! I don't know where that thing has been!

I let her wings grow out. Now that she can fly, she thinks she owns the house. Technically she does but I like to keep the illusion that I'm actually the one in control around here.

Videos to follow...

Her new game:

Let's make out, man!

The background noise would be my 9 and 10 year old reliving their life as 2 year olds. School starts in T minus 8 days...
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