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Re: Funny conure stories

My very first little GCC that I had was a right little comedian! Cheeky had a very large vocabulary and even learned to put sentences together on her own. Her favourite person in the house was my son, and when he was home she would call him constantly. She could say his full name - Dominic - and Dom would answer her until he got bored. The one afternoon he had stopped answering her we heard the following - "Dominic - Cheeky - COME!!!!" The come was uttered in exactly my voice of impatience! Well needless to say we all collapsed with laughter and Cheeky got her way, Dominic came to her and put her on his shoulder and went back to do his home work.

We had a little ritual each evening and morning when I used to cover/uncover her. The funniest was in the morning. I used to come up to her in the morning and start whispering to her - "Good morning Cheeky" and ask her if she wanted a scratch. She would cuddle right up to me and ask for scratches. I would then say "no biting" and then I would get a nip! Followed by Cheeky laughing! Luckily it was only a love bite, but those little love bites could still hurt at times.

I lost her a few years ago, but I miss her so much! We came home from work one afternoon, and she lay dead in the bottom of her cage. We did not know why, and to this day it bugs me. She was perfectly fine in the morning.
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