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Re: Another poop question. .

Quote: Originally Posted by Mango121913 View Post
I really don't have room for another cage. Wonder about making the nesting door lead to the toilet, maybe a travel cage? This what you were thinking?
Don't make much sense to me, if he goes on the play top and I don't get it right away he runs through it! And doesn't even care? ! I am trying to find a way to put a grate on top to help the issue. I have thought about removing the tray and let it drop the 2 stories, but I fear the explosive aftermath!
When I wrote the response, I didn't know what type of cage you standing or tabletop, but yes, a small metal cage affixed to a side door is basically what I was may not enhance your decor, but might give you what you're looking for.....

For it to work properly, both cages would need to be wired/bolted together so your bird would not be afraid of moving between the two as a loose connection might.

PM me & I'll give you an E-mail address you could send a couple of cage pics to & I might be able to give you a better idea of what might work, without damage to either cage...front & side shots of your cage would be best.....

Good luck.....
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