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Re: Another poop question. .

What a problem to have I've only heard of this issue in parrots who have been over potty trained and won't poop unless it's on command. But if you haven't potty trained him at all, I can't imagine what would posses a bird to do that! Has he ever pooped in his water/food or on a toy where he may have accidentally ingested some and is now afraid to do it again?

I almost think starting potty training may be a good idea, and work towards getting him to go in his cage that way and reward him with VERBAL PRAISE more when he goes in the cage. Most birds pick up verbal cues in connection with an action pretty quickly, so if you know where he likes to go, you could start associating the word "poop" or "go" by timing it with his actual going, then praise. Then work on using that cue word he's associated with going while he's in the cage and praise him more if he obeys the command. He may start understanding going in his cage is acceptable. If worse comes to worse, you potty train him on a cue word. They make little "recording devices" to "teach" birds to talk that will play a recording at timed intervals. You could simply set it up to play back your voice giving him the cue to go every x-amount of minutes followed by verbal praise, so he feels comfortable going throughout the day. Ideally though, you'd just kind of verbally target him to start going in his cage without always needing the cue. But if not, there is the recording option And thats my THEORY on the best way to go about such a situation and the first thing I'd try if my bird started doing this...

Let us know what you end up doing. I am just perplexed by this!

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