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Question Oh Petco....

I was at Petco and I personally love Petco even though I know that they do have some not so healthy birds but hey they need a home too! They do have feelings and would love a mommy or a daddy to love them just as much as a bird from a top breeder. But I totally understand if someone doesn't want to because you wouldn't want a sickly bird with bad genes. That is very understandable!

But I was there yesterday and every time I go I always connect with a bird! Like they love me and I am so in love with them! Like before I was twirling my finger and the Pineapple GCC rolled over for me! Then yesterday I went and there was a GCC and a Monk aka Quaker parakeet was there and they both were so sweet! The Monk parakeet would shake its paw the same way I was shaking my hand! I have never got that with any parrot from a parrot store! So what do you guys think about Petco birds? I know they don't live healthy lives but some do. They want a mom or dad. Just Like any parrot at parrot shop!

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