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Bird store claims senegals arent a good bird!

Hi all you sennie lovers :-)
Just went to my local bird store for fun, they have hundreds of birds from finches to Loris to Grey's to Catalina macaws. So, I asked if they ever get in Senegals.... The owner of the store said they can but why would I want a sennie with a funny look on his face? I said from all my research, they sound like a perfect bird for me.... Independent yet still love attention when given, on the quieter side, cuddly and funny etc etc. He said that his experience has only ever been selling 2 Sennies, and that they were aggressive, bad one person birds, very bitey, not affectionate at all and that after one year of the ppl who bought one, had returned it due to these reasons.
I said all my research was quite the opposite overall, and that it was from forums not breeders.
I left the shop in disbelief....

In all my reading on here, no one has ever made out that the sennie is so bad! Sure some people may not like them for their particular traits in a bird which is fine of course, but ...... He made them out to be soooo bad!

Your sennie isn't THAT bad overall, is it? (I'm sure you will say no hehe. Which is good coz that's what I want to hear Lol) But if it is, please do speak up.
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