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Re: Bird store claims senegals arent a good bird!

Quote: Originally Posted by thekarens View Post
Sennies make great pets. No, they aren't for everyone and certainly there can have plenty of attitude, but so can a lot of birds, like green cheeks or zons.
Exactly what Karen said .

No, they are wonderful pets Jaz. That is that man's personal experience with them, and I'm sorry, he hasn't had enough experience (with 2 unsocialized ones) to be able to say what they're like as a whole species!

Plenty of Senegals out there will lay on their back in their owner's hand, cuddle and snuggle forever, give kisses as well as be independent. About the attitude, sure they do, and they have a pretty large beak for their size too... But as Karen said about GCC's or Amazons, does attitude deter people from them? No!

Believe us Jaz, don't believe the bird shop guy who doesn't know what he's talking about..... BUT you know, he could be right and WE could be lying... LOL
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