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Re: Plum headed parakeet

They're in the Psittacula family along with the popular IRN's and Alexandrines. I had one once but never tamed down so he went to a breeder where he was happier than as a pet.

Plum headed parakeets like all species in their family are generally hands off birds, as it's against their nature to be cuddly. They also have a tendency to "go wild" more easily than other parrots if not handled regularly enough when they're tame. Certain IRN's will allow some degree of snuggling, but most won't, and I do think the slightly smaller Plumhead has even more of a tendency to be flighty. If you got a handfed who was very used to consistent and early handling, you can have a nice buddy to sit on your arm or shoulder. They're known to be wood chewers.
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