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Sweet, sweet Maggie

It breaks my heart to be writing this, and I don't even know why I am as this is a bird forum. Our beloved family dog passed today. Technically, she passed last night but we didn't even know until this afternoon. She got out (as usual) when my mom accidentally left the deck gate open last night. Nobody noticed that she was missing, we had company over.
This morning we went driving to see if we could find her, and not 200 feet from our house my mom interrupted me with a little "Ohh..".
There she was. I couldn't look, I was shocked and so overwhelmed. Mom went out to look as I sobbed, cursed and cried to God. Someone (Not the person who hit her) had left a note describing how her last moments were and how they held her as she passed, and said they were so sorry for our loss as she was clearly a loved pet. There was no blood or obvious injury, it appeared that someone had knocked their headlight out as they hit her right on the crest of the hill.
I just can't believe this happened. I want to binge on ice cream and replace her with another rescue dog but I know that won't help anything.
The worst part of this all is how mean I was to her. The last thing I said to her was something along the lines of "Stupid dog". Sure, she didn't understand, but I feel awful. All those times I called her fat, ugly, idiotic. Why'd this have to happen? I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry and I feel ashamed.

My personal dog seems so lost. He and Maggie were like velcro.
For now, I'm going to do everything in my ability to make his life wonderful.
I know I can never make up for how I treated Maggie but at least I can try and keep Brody happy.

Rest in peace pretty girl.
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