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Re: Sweet, sweet Maggie

We all have moments of frustration with our family, friends, and even our beloved pets. We're human beings with feelings and emotions. I've said the same thing to my dog when I caught her dumping the trash or chewing something of mine up. What's more important are the moments (and there are a hundred thousand times more of them) where we love them, care for them, cherish them, and call them our babies. Feed them things they really love and shouldn't have, share our sofa space with them, hug them with not just our arms but also our whole hearts. They know we love them, or else they wouldn't love us back. And oh yes, animals can love. I don't care what anyone says. Please take comfort in knowing it was most likely fast so she wasn't in pain and that she knew she was loved. So sorry Roanoke. Hugs to you. And also to you Ann, so sorry.

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