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Re: Stubborn, stubborn polyurea!

Yes, Tilli is wonderful. I think I've posted about her before. She's really just perfect - so pretty, and just the sweetest, funniest little thing. I adore her!

I'm so glad Robin is doing well!! That's pretty amazing that he was affected by it so long but never got too drastically ill. It's a refreshingly happier story than most "lead poisoning" bird stories...

Bornavirus!! Yikes... I just looked that up, because I couldn't remember all the details about it. Dang, that is scary... I don't think her poop is coming out undigested at all, but otherwise the poop photo on Avian BioTech's page on Bornavirus looks all too familiar. :< Oh gosh, and that would mean Cuzco would probably already have it too...

Color me terrified...

If these medications don't work, we'll be taking her to the very experienced avian vet, and I'll be sure to ask about Bornavirus. <:C

Thanks for the well-wishes, guys. I'm really concerned. I'll keep you all updated...
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