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Re: Stubborn, stubborn polyurea!

I know it's hard, but don't panic about Cuzco. FIRST, you don't know that Tilli even has it in the first place!

My first Pionus Adrion had PDD from Bornavirus (this was 10 years ago). The good news is that this virus is one which thankfully is NOT very hardy in the environment, and dies on surfaces rather quickly, which IMHO means much lower transmission rate than other viruses.
Robin is the bird that I'd had at that same time. I'd wash hands between cleaning cages, and the birds were not friends, so that further helped keep it away from Robin. When Robin went through his lead symptoms he was tested for bv, so I know it didn't get to him. There was another bird Terry, a Cuban Amazon who although was not buddies with Adrion, many times did share the same back of the couch and sat near her. I still hear about Terry every now and then, and she is happy and virus free.

Take it all one step at a time. Try... I know it's hard. Sending good vibes that the meds work this time!!
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