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Re: Stubborn, stubborn polyurea!

Thanks so much. <3 It's been stressful. I've been trying to palpate her crop and see if it still feels yeasty (squishy, doughy) at all. I can't tell very well, but it seems at better than it was, at least...

She's as sweet as ever. She's not a high energy bird at all, which has made me worry that maybe she's been lethargic and I just never knew! But she pretty much never seems droopy or uncomfortable. Right now she's tweeting at me for attention.

But she pooped on me today and it was frothy in addition to being watery. <:C The frothiness subsided almost instantly, but it was not even close to being a normal poop. I would think clostridium, but she JUST had expensive lab tests done that showed no unusual bacteria in her poop.

Man, I thought things were stressful when I had to deal with pangs of anxiety whenever my last cockatiel laid an egg... Now I'm getting upset and concerned every time Tilli poops!!

I started her on the Flagyl (metronidazole) this morning. I'm going to keep up with some yeast medicine as well. If she's not better after this, I'll have to concede that she probably has a much more severe issue than a treatable infection and it'll be off to the vet an hour away to see if she'll ever be okay. If it's Bornavirus or something she's already symptomatic and so it isn't likely to be held off for terribly long.

Tilli's only maybe a year old now. I want so badly for her to have a long full life. She's the best little birdie I could have asked for; I really don't want to watch another of my pets die young. :/
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