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Re: GCC Behaviour

My GCCs do something that sounds like this in the morning. I work 6 days a week so IM gone at 6am every morning. Its dark in my room still but I do uncover their cage for when light comes though the window. They grumble and reach out for my hand when I do this. Surely its too early lol. But I shut lights off before I go out of the room so they get a little more sleep.

Anyway... on Sunday mornings, once they see its daylight and they notice me waking up they do something similar to this behavior. Their cage is about 2 feet from my bed. They will both get on their lower perch, then get real low and flick their feathers while screeching at me (its like "screech screech screech"). Its very loud and persistent! Of course theyre doing this to get my attention and to be let out of the cage.

They also get low and flick their wings when theyre doing their *mating* behavior. They grumble while doing this as well as put their butt against me or each other. I discourage it when I see it though. I think this is supposed to be a female behavior, but not sure.
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