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Trust building exercises

I just got an absolutely gorgeous green cheeked yellow-sided conure. He is beautiful and so loving. His name is eli. Eli is about 4 months old and the reason why im here is because, while ive only had him for about 4 days and he is very nice and very happy to spend time together on my finger/shoulder/shirt, i need ways to occupy him and ways to gain his trust.

My requests, if youd be so gracious

1. Eli doesnt seem to enjoy any of the toys i have for him, and in-fact, kind of fears the majority of them. So what should i get him? i want him to not be so bored when im not home, i feel bad even though i spend like 3-5 hours with him outside the cage daily.

2. I just wants some exercises i can do to make him love/trust me a bit more

3. He's very bitey, luckily ive kinda transfered him to biting my watch instead of me, but still, its kind of annoying at times and it can hurt pretty bad.

4. why does he chirp when i leave my room? like kind of screech-like, he stops when i come in, i just assume he wants more attention.

5. How should i present him water for a bath? or should i even attempt that?

Thanks so much guys, any answers or help is greatly appreciated!
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