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Re: Trust building exercises

Thanks so much guys! this pretty much answered all of the questions i needed answered. As for the hanging upside down thing, he already does that on my fingers, like i can flip him upside down and he will be pretty comfortable with me, like he trusts me not to let him fall and stuff. As for the biting, yea im pretty sure its just because he wants more attention or something, or wants something that i cant understand yet, sometimes its because he wants to go get a quick drink and sometimes its attention or food or whatever, that makes sense. The flock calll makes sense too, he does it whenever hes alone in the room, i guesss he just wants to make sure his flock is safe such a sweety haha! and for the bath, i think ill just try giving him a bowl, and then the spray, and then maybe allow him to approach the shower if those other things dont wokr, idk, i guess we will find out. Thanks so much guys, this has helped a lot, ill have to experiment with toys some more though!

thanks again!
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