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Re: Unexpected but ever so welcome!

Gotta figure out photobucket!

A friend of mine knew I love greys and would have another in a heartbeat. Another friend here works are our local animal contology. She told me often good greys come through the shelter and don't last a day after they go up for adoption. I told her to keep me in mind. Yesterday, she lets me know of one in great condition, hand raised, that was up for adoption. I couldn't get everything together in time and then poof he was off the list. Then, I was called to my husbands office, these two friends had gotten him for me!

Not much history except from the band we found out he was hand raised. He hasn't been aggressive although I did have to birdie burrito him to get him back into the carrier. What a sweet guy!

Names are still being accepted...


Any others?

He goes for a check today even though the shelter had him checked.
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