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Re: You know you're a Parront when...

LOL I love these.....

When relatives you only speak to every couple of weeks say: How's things? You then reel off your parrots latest acheivement to be met with: "Well, I sort of meant you and Dave....y'know, your husband....?"

When your Facebook status' get no replies anymore *cough*

When a customer says: Pardon? and it wasn't ME that made a noise......

When you find daft things around the house and in the shed and think: Hmmmm....maybe I could use this for Cal.....

When you visit friends and families with human children and A) Find yourself thinking YOUR baby is SO much more advanced than their 4 month old child :P hahaha! and B) Ask where they got that sturdy looking teether from because it'd be just the job! (and then proceed INTO a baby shop where the cashier will invariably ask you how old your lil one is and is it a girl and a boy. Then understandably looking at you as if you're crackers when you reply.....)

You know you have a manic "furry and feathered family" like mine when you spend most of meal times cooking varying types of veg and witheringly looking at your husband when he questions this and saying: It's only Moo, who likes raw carrot? And please, put the lid back on that bowl because Cal and Boots prefer theirs warm - Olly's is in that dish over there(he doesn't like it warm). You then ignore your husbands own grumbling stomach for a few minutes

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