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Re: Plucking: A Search For Answers

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The feathers in this pic were plucked by an eight month old cockatiel. In her case she plucked the feathers after a terrible clipping given to her by a pet store owner. She pulled out all the feathers several times after they were fully grown in. You can see the feathers were mature but at the base of the shaft, you can still see blood and skin indicating the feathers didn't molt out naturally. These feathers also show signs of a bad diet. She had no perches in her tiny cage in the pet store so the feathers are ragged due to constantly rubbing against the bars of the cage. In this bird's case after the clipped feathers came in satisfactorily her plucking stopped automatically. She only plucked the feathers damaged by the clip. Feathers tell a story.

All the feathers in this photo were molted out naturally, you can tell by the normal wear and tear and by the clean shaft completely in tact.


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