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Rehoming Turquoise GCCs

I had posted before that it is time to keep my word to my husband and move some birds on to more permanent placements. For most of my fosters, etc, I try to look locally and meet the new owners in person, but I have a special case on my hands. This is going to be a long post, but then again I'm only looking for a home that will take time for the birds, so perhaps a long initial post will weed out some of the "free bird" riff-raff.

Buddy and Delta need a new home, and I want to send them to the mainland USA. I live in Hawaii, and the pool of bird lovers here is very small and overflowing with rescue and foster situations already. Both were what I would call "Semi-rescued" as in I took them out of situations they needed to get out of, but they were not extreme cases.

Delta came to me from a woman who had told her original owners (who bought her at petco) that she would be her forever home. She then took her to show and tell for her grade school class, declared that they were too loud, and promptly rehomed her. She had been keeping her in a very small rabbit carrying cage with very wide bar spacing, one wooden dowel, seeds only, and no toys. Thankfully she wasnt with the woman long since I knew as soon as I realized who had contacted me (she has quite the reputation) that I couldnt let Delta stay with her.

Buddy came to me from Maui with his parents whom I bought as breeders. I learned later that he had been on a 100% sunflower seed diet his whole life. He is the cheekiest, best tempered, sweetest, most fearless bird I have ever met. He is will run onto the flat of your hand, climb all over you, take scritches, etc, but he has never learned to step up. He doesnt get it. He was fully flighted for his first 3 years of life, and never handled by humans until I got him, but one day I came home to find him on my husbands shoulder; I guess no one told him he was supposed to be scared! He just does not understand the concept of step up. He has to be scooped up lol.

These two birds are heavily bonded; I will not consider separating them. They would do great in a pet home or in an aviary.

I am looking for a home that understands their needs. These two birds have suffered from what looks like heavy metal toxicity from a new cage. I have put a lot of money into vet bills, and while they recovered and seem to be doing great, their new home needs to understand that someday they may need continuing vet care.

Also because of this I WILL NOT CONSIDER anyone who plans to breed them. The new home needs to be someone who will be careful to prevent Delta from even laying eggs. This is a large part of why I would prefer they leave the island; this place is like a haven for irresponsible breeders who want to make a buck off a free bird and breed it till it dies. Its also full of people who move every few years and give away their pets, so the chances of them ending up with a back yard breeder are too high if they stay here.

They get along with other birds pretty well, in fact Delta is in my signature picture

I am looking for a home that is willing to talk to me on the phone about their lifestyle, family, flock, etc, so I can pick the right placement.

There is no rehoming fee, but the adopters would share the shipping costs with me.

Its getting late, I will post pictures tomorrow.
I don't like to think about where I would be if that little budgie had never fluttered into my life.
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